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Docker tutorials from the era of container technology to advanced users.
Real-life examples that you can test in a sandbox before you put it into production.
Would you like to demo a service on your own home server? Then you shall install Docker Engine and follow any Docker tutorial below to pick up new skills and get started.

Simplified guide to logging Docker to Elasticsearch in 2019 (With syslog-ng)

This simplified guide to logging Docker to Elasticsearch shows you how to send logs of containers into Elastic. Although there are many tutorials on to logging Docker to Elasticsearch, this one is different from all as it uses syslog-ng. Visualize them on a nice dashboard in Kibana. And you can download it all at the end of the post!

Update: I moved the chapters about parsing and visualizing NGINX / Apache access logs in Kibana into a dedicated post. I hope it will improve readability of both subjects.

Docker logs in Kibana Dasboard
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Docker failed to restart after upgrade

I already had plans to write about Docker. However a recent system update caused issues and Docker failed to restart. This service outage made me think and write about such a typical maintenance task.


Docker logo upside downI know that I created the issue at the first place. However I could fix it and I will show you how I did it and how can I avoid that in the future.

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